Leenderbos Ultra Trail

  • NL
  • Leenderbos Ultra Trail

    Manege de MolenBerg - Leende
    Kilometers / Hoogtemeters
    • 50 kilometers
      120 hoogtemeters

    An endless nature reserve, with many single tracks, sandy paths, heath paths and varied forest paths. The Ultra Trail shows you this entire challenging area. There are many varied trails and the area stretches all the way from Leende to Achel and Valkenswaard.

    The Leenderbos 50km Ultra Trail starts and finishes at Manege de Molenberg in Leende. You go through the beautiful Leenderbossen, all the way to the heathland of Soerendonk to the Belgian border at the Achelse Kluis.

    On an adventure through the Groote Heide in the Leenderbossen, where you can encounter everything for hours, except people.

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